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Order of the Night Jay (Book 1): The Forest Beckons

Released September 20th, 2022, Top Shelf Productions

Paperback | 160 pages | $14.99
ISBN 9781603095105


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Order of the Night Jay stars Frank, a timid bear who is quickly targeted by his peers on the way to camp Jay Bird, a camp for small animals tucked away in the wilderness. But a miserable summer away from home is quickly derailed when he is befriended by Ricky, an energetic and rambunctious raccoon. In an activity gone awry, they stumble on a forgotten cave and awaken the secret Order of the Night Jay. But just what is this Order, and how will Frank juggle his curiosity with the pressures of pleasing his Dad, the other scouts, and his only friend?

Mega Bunny #1: Roughage Start

Self Published | Paperback | 12 pages

Ricky and Frank's favorite comic from Order of the Night Jay, this was a quick and silly origin story for a rabbit/vegetable themed super hero!

Udderly Amazing Stories: Volumes 1 & 2

Self Published

Older, but still amazing and made with love. These two volumes were my first foray into comics and storytelling. Also, the day job was pretty terrible at the time and telling this story about Harold the cow getting abducted by aliens was my way of coping.


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