I have been pretty quiet here and on social media these days, but that's only because amazing things are in the works! I am SUPER excited to be able to announce that I am teaming up with the terrific folks at Top Shelf Productions to bring my graphic novel, Rick, Frank, and the Order of the Sparrow, to bookstores! For sale!

There is still much work to do but I appreciate everyone who have supported me over the years and I hope you will stick with me as we begin this latest leg of the journey! Stay tuned for updates!

"He's some kind of artist?"

Jonathan Schnapp is an artist, illustrator, and author out of Rochester, NY. He has exhibited nationally and is known in the local community for his colorful paintings of quirky animal characters. Why is his website named "Flimsy Robot"? It sounded "neat."

Many more images can be found on his Instagram.

"Sure, Schnapp's paintings evoke children's book illustrations, with their vivid colors and fantastical, detailed depictions anthropomorphized animals. But there is gravitas in the work, and scene implies an epic story filled with imagination and adventure." 

-Daniel J Kushner, the Rochester City Paper

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